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‘Herkomst: Particuliere verzameling’ (provenance: Private collection), is a two week project about conserving and relating to an original art work. The project derives from a peculiar story about an entrepreneur who passionately collected works by end nineteenth to beginning twentieth century Dutch artists. Artist who found their origin in the impressionist brushstroke and — direct or indirectly — had a connection with the Dutch city of The Hague; the area where the collector was born and spent most of his life. The collection comprises important works by George Hendrik Breitner, Isaac Israels, Johan Bartold Jongkind, Jacob Maris, Anton Mauve, Piet Mondriaan, Jan Toorop and Johan Hendrik Weissenbruch amongst others. Works that are categorized in art historical periods like ‘De Haagse School’, The Amsterdam Impressionists, Neo-Impressionism, and the Dutch/Belgian variant to Fauvism; Luminism.
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Herkomst: Particuliere verzameling
7 September — 21 September 2013
Ivan Argote, Gregory Buchert, Svenja Deininger, Jasper Hagenaar and Christophe Lemaitre, and works from a reproduced art collection (Breitner, Israels, Mondriaan), group exhibition