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The work of Rumiko Hagiwara focuses on the subtle and ordinary things from our daily life, like a small hole in the wall that solely extracts a ‘H’ tram stop sign from the public space outside of the gallery. Or a title plate that casts a shadow on the wall via the light of a little lamp. These minimal interventions do not add, but rather address and point out the memories that these spaces contain as a result of human action and behaviour. Memories that usually pass by unnoticed as our attention is distracted by elements that occupy our daily life. By making these subtle and tiny adjustments Hagiwara intends to return the viewers attention to these seemingly daily situations.
An act which is in line with the theories of the philosopher Merleau-Ponty (‘Phenomenology of perception’) who attempts to describe the real meaning of facts of everyday life, by stating that we first have to forget about or ignore the familiar, before we can fully understand what this familiarity actually is.
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In Praise of Shadows
17 December 2011 — 11 February 2012
Rumiko Hagiwara, solo exhibition