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Within the exhibition Hagenaar takes us through a labyrinth of the longing mind, the cabinet of curiosities of escapism, wherein he literary zooms in and out and alternates historical and contemporary adventures within the framework of the art historical portrait, the landscape and the still life.
Just around the corner of the last part of Hagenaar’s journey within the gallery space we encounter a cheerful and colourful portrait of a bunch of flowers in the work entitled Haven. Festive at first, two flowers already ceased blossoming, enfolding a narrative that slowly floats away from the suggested safe haven. It’s the story of a conditioned mind, the adult who once was a child, who can travel back to mental constructs of youth adventures, but cannot ignore the sharp-edged reality of daily life.
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15 December 2012 — 2 February 2013
Jasper Hagenaar, solo exhibition