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Jeanine Hofland is proud to present the first solo exhibition within the gallery
and within The Netherlands by British artist Hannah Perry (1984).
Perry uses video as an assemblage of short found and self-shot film footage, of
written and spoken words, slang language, phrases and sound clips deriving from
whatever enters her gaze on a daily basis. By using a cut-and-past style, the
linearity of any kind vanishes, and is swapped for a deliberate edit of
confusement and messiness. The work demonstrates a strong resemblance of a
street-wise attitude, bringing up bits and pieces referring to gender related
issues such as a girls position within todays assumed lower class environments,
lifestyle and the influence of advertisement and branding on subcultures's
visual codes, and overall Perry's own position and perception on those issues.
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You’re Gonna Be Great
9 May — 25 July 2015
Hannah Perry, solo exhibition