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News: Our previous exhibition featured on Art Viewer


(The gallery is currently closed until the next exhibition and open by appointment only)

 Art Rotterdam 2015, 4 – 8 February (no. 46)


For Art Rotterdam 2015 Barbara Seiler and Jeanine Hofland will present a joint booth project entitled

We were sitting in a bar at 1am,

 a group exhibition that takes place within the decor of a random local bar at 1am, where reality becomes more and more blurred, conversations are leading to the absurd and ideas find their origin. Alongside the presence of the bar, stools, and some other props, works by Matea Bakula, Pim Blokker, Jasper Hagenaar, Rumiko Hagiwara, Maarten Overdijk, Bruno Zhu, Dina Danish, Marijn van Kreij, and Annaïk Lou Pitteloud, will appear as actors in the scene.


Jasper Hagenaar

‘The Attic’

Opening Saturday 21 February, 17.00h-19.00h

until 4 April  2015