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During this exhibition Koster approaches the gallery space as a fictional
‘information center’ that aims at informing people about the use of art as a
tool to solve various world-wide problems. The information center itself consists of an appropriation of various archetypical and recognizable reproductions of iconic art historical objects and works, and books which all have their own subjects and have the internet information services as an important source. The center is structured around a library and a reading area with integrated furniture. In the library the collection of different books can be viewed. Specific search engines like Google and YouTube inspired some of the books, like Ghetto Ghetto. In this book a collection of Ghetto’s found from all over the world on YouTube are captured. Besides the overview of Ghetto’s the book also consists of a critical essay about the relationship between urbanization and poverty, the historical role of artists in urban developments and the recent gentrification principles.
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World Domination Information Center
8 September — 27 October 2012
Maurits Koster, solo exhibition