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The exhibition is a tribute to the individual, to anyone who escapes the daily grind and deflects into a tragicomic portrait. The attempts to capture the human condition, in which everything is unavoidable. Like a bull in a china shop Blokker attempts to disrupt the usual and everyday in his work. Or as the artist puts it: “While the elephant walks is an exhibition where no elephant is actual present. Fortunately, because everyone who grew up next to an elephant herd knows the kind of noise it produces. Besides their beautiful trumpeting, elephants make the earth move under your feet with great ease. The elephant in this exhibition is only present as a metaphor for the artist himself or, as you wish, it symbolizes you or even nothing. He’s only present to bring about something, but won’t intrude upon you in a forceful way.”
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While the Elephant Walks
27 April — 1 June 2013
Pim Blokker, solo exhibition