Jeanine Hofland
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A great influence to Danish’ work is the Greek mythology of Procrustes, which has been used by Jacques Derrida as criticism on structural forms. Procrustes was known for attacking people, stretching them, and cutting off parts of their legs in order to fit them on an iron bed. Here standardisation and sameness are put into question. Danish is interested in this idea in its visual as well as its literary sense. It is in fact the perverted obsession with standardisation that fuels some of the artist’s ideas.
Her main focus is on the frustrated need to violently and constantly re-create a specific structure, resulting to a standard unchangeable form. Because of Procrustes unnatural violent acts, the result is always crippling and therefore resulting to failure. Danish’ work does not attempt to achieve sameness, but rather shows the failure of it in a rather critical deconstructionalist manner.
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Shmina Shmanish
12 March — 16 April 2011
Dina Danish, solo exhibition