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‘Mains’ is the title of one of the film installations within the exhibition and simultaneously refers to the recurring presence of hand gestures within Rebecca Digne’s art practice. Through a dialog between 16 mm film and video installation, Digne explores different aspects of the human condition of loss, fear, expectation, belief, identity, confinement and nomadism; subjects that often derive from the artist’s personal experiences. The viewer will never be facing the end nor the beginning of a film, through the continuous loop of a single action and the fragile movement within the action itself. To enhance this non-temporal experience of the moving image, Digne approaches the projection space as a field of resistance against time and moves beyond the traditional features of cinematographic seduction. The artist presents her films as autonomous entities in order to set out a direct and democratic dialog between the image, the architectural features of a space and the viewer.
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10 March — 21 April 2012
Rebecca Digne, solo exhibition